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We are excited to announce that two of the most recently completed architectural projects by Urban Agency, Bella 4 and Bella 3N, have clinched the prestigious DGNB Gold certification in September and October respectively this year. These residential projects mark a significant milestone for the entire Bellakvarter by becoming the first in the whole development to receive this esteemed recognition.

The DGNB Gold certification stands as a testament to the exceptional sustainability and innovation embedded within Bella 4 and Bella 3N. Both projects have excelled across all assessment areas, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to environmental, economic, and sociocultural aspects. Both Bella 4 and 3N have throughout the design and construction processes demonstrated how it is possible to maintain a strong design focus on contemporary sustainable architecture and eco-conscious principles. Their achievement reinforces the commitment of the entire development to fostering sustainable, forward-thinking urban spaces.

We are immensely proud that Bella 4 and Bella 3N have achieved the DGNB Gold certification. This recognition underscores our dedication at Urban Agency to crafting projects that not only elevate living standards but also prioritize sustainability in every aspect of their design.

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