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The re-envisioned interior world of the Copenhagen Marriott Hotel is coming to life!

Over the past few years Urban Agency has been working in collaboration with designer Helle Flou and artist Anne Nowak to redefine the Copenhagen Marriott Hotel from the inside out. The renovation of the hotel has involved the rethinking of the entire hotel experience. Motivated to create a more culturally and contextually situated hotel that emanates the Scandinavian philosophy of functionality, comfort and craftsmanship, Urban Agency has developed a vision that reaches the most public and private of spaces.

From the entrance lobby, great room and restaurant to more than 200 guest rooms, a new narrative of materials and colours is in the process of being woven through the hotel. Soon, upon entering the Copenhagen Marriott Hotel, guests will be enveloped by a world of organic shapes and colours derived from the surrounding harbour. The experience is sure to leave a lasting impression on all who walk through its doors.

We can’t wait to see our vision come to fruition. Stay connected to see the final product of this exciting renovation.

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