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The new terrace at the Copenhagen Marriott Hotel is beginning to take shape!

In 2021 Urban Agency won the competition to lead the renovation of the five-star Copenhagen Marriott Hotel. For this commission, the outdoor terrace was of highest priority and today we can finally start to see our welcoming wooden addition to Copenhagen’s harbour front take shape.

When the Copenhagen Marriott Hotel was first constructed in 2001, Copenhagen’s harbour was not the lively public place that it is today. Over the years Urban Agency has continued to contribute to the development of the waterfront as an active and dynamic public space through projects such as the Kalvebod waves and the Lille Langebro. The new hotel terrace links into this network of public infrastructure in its creation of a more open and welcoming space inviting hotel guests and passersby to meet, socialize and enjoy. The terrace has been redesigned in order to breathe new life into the ground floor of the hotel while also allowing the Copenhagen Marriott Hotel to become an extension of the city.

The perimeter hedges and concrete tiled terrace are no more. What we start to see today is the beginning of the warm stepping wooden decks soon to be contained by corten steel frames – materials that have been carefully selected to respond to Copenhagen’s waterfront context while dually and seamlessly balancing comfort and craftsmanship across the project.

We are excited to see our work take shape and look forward to the project’s completion in time for summer 2024. Stay tuned for further updates.

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