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We are excited to announce that the Lille Langebro has won the IABSE Danish Construction Prize! Recognized for its advanced engineering and unique architectural design, the cycle and pedestrian bridge has been selected for its creative and innovative crossing solution benefiting both citizens and society.

Lille Langebro is a connection that, with its unique location, brings the city and the harbour closer together. The bridge connects the city centre and Christianshavn, and relieves Langebro, which is used by more than 40,000 cyclists on weekdays. As an exclusive cycle and pedestrian bridge, Lille Langebro contributes to making Copenhagen an even greener and more sustainable cycling city.

In IABSE-Denmark's justification for selecting the Lille Langebro for the construction award it states:

“The IABSE-Danmarks Construction prize is awarded to Lille Langebro in recognition of the provision of a construction that combines advanced engineering techniques and elegant architectural design in a creative solution where the focus has been on durability and buildability.”

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If you would like to read more about the Lille Langebro, click here.

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