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  The suburban relocation of Allianz has led to the previously scattered, smaller individual offices around the city to gather to form one large complex. The bold appearance of the new headquarters reinforces a strong, unitary image of the company. While the smaller departments are all situated in the same building, their diversity and individual characteristics remain intact. Freedom of space within the workplace replace the inner-city offerings of the former locations; we call this the 3D campus. The overall concept is characterized by the site’s proximity to nature and the integration of greenery into the project. This is reflected through the integration of courtyards, hanging gardens and outdoor terraces throughout the site whose presence bring an abundance of fresh air, exciting visibility and increased workplace quality. Specific design features such as slanted corners, volume divisions and striking hanging gardens are implemented not only to enhance the characteristic identity of the complex, but also serve to scale down the building to match with its surroundings creating a friendlier concept in reality. The reception area hosts generous staircases that operate as flow distributors, dividing and channeling users based on their departments. Located a few steps lower and reachable directly from the entrance is the main square of the complex; Allianz Square. This generous open space is the perfect setting for employees to meet, relax and enjoy their lunch. Additional staircases at the entrance allow users to directly reach a specially designed thoroughfare on the second floor. It combines all informal communication zones into one central highway and connects the building horizontally and vertically, becoming the central meeting place within the working world.

Size: 170,500 m²
Location: Stuttgart, Germany
Client: Allianz SE
Collaborators: Urban Agency, RKW Arkitektur +, SQ1
Type: Invited Competition
Status: SettledTeam: Henning Stüben, Heechan Park, Rosa Fuentes Fernandez, Jiyoon Gu, Minjae Kwon, Borja Santurino, Jakub Śmiech, Ekaterini Toumpektsi

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