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  A blue-green delta landscape, like rivers flowing between characterful housing islands, and a loop for social activity, are the main elements of a proposal for a master plan for Amager Fælled Kvarter (Amager Commons Quarter) putting everyday life, nature and social fellowships at the centre. It sets the stage for the Commons’ unique nature as a shared recreational resource and the social grouting interconnecting the urban quarter’s sustainable city life. Community, activity and urban life in the middle of nature. URBAN AGENCY’s proposal for a new master plan for Amager Fælled Kvarter will preserve the special nature resources and recreational function of the area. The Metro just around the corner will be the basis for a new urban space where Copenhageners can meet and live. A key aspect of the proposal has been to maintain Amager Fælled’s unique natural environment and special qualities, in order to make the area an attractive residential and urban quarter; maintaining everything for which Amager Fælled is appreciated for today.

Size: 260,000 m²
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Client: By & Havn I/S
Collaborators: Urban Agency, C.F. Møller A/S, Niras, Jens Kvorning
Type: Invited Competition
Status: SettledTeam: Henning Stüben, Heechan Park, Philipp Ohnesorge, Jakub Śmiech

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