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Le Carrousel Art Hotel has been designed as a core component of the Rabat Waterfront Project that aims to rejuvenate and architecturally enhance the space “where the city meets the sea”. Like the craggy rocks along the waterfront, the design holds a sculptural presence that both absorbs the stunning natural scenery and shapes cultural activities. Taking direct inspiration from the porous rock formations along the shore, the jagged hotel façade is devised to soak up the sea views. Like the cavities in the rockface, the gradated units of the elevation create a textured surface of inlets, reminiscent of traditional Arab muqarnas which are aptly nicknamed “honeycomb vaulting”. This provides a solution for the limitations of the site, which borders the waterfront on its narrowest edge. By angling each window towards the waterfront, the spectacular sea views are framed and each room is simultaneously afforded privacy. The overall volume follows a ‘fishtail’ plan and incorporates an active roof to connect with the seascape. Both inside and out, the design facilitates interaction with art and cultural activities. The spiralling art promenade in the lobby invites guests to engage with exhibited artwork whilst forming a sculptural entity in itself. Outdoors, the site reaches the sea in a patchwork pattern of zones for performance, markets and restaurants, ensuring a lively atmosphere. The hotel design ultimately forms a magnificent play of volumes and balance of massing to truly integrate culture, sculpture and architecture with the surrounding scenery.  

Project: Hotel, exhibition space, events space, restaurant, café, spa

Size: 10,500 m²

Collaborators: Urban-Agency, NOVEC, Faycal Sentissi, Roar

Budget: Confidential

Location: Rabat Morocco

Client: IMKAN

Status: Tender Stage

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