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Chungdam-dong Residential Complex


Dosan-daero and the surrounding downtown areas which cross the Gangnam district from east to west are known as then centre of high-end culture in Seoul. From the outset of the project, it was important to reconsider what role the surrounding buildings would play in the city of Seoul and within the Gangnam district.

The Cheongdam-dong area was developed alongside the Gangnam district in the early 1980’s. Cheongdam has a unique urban atmosphere. The area is comprised of a complex mixture of old and new high-rise buildings around Dosan-daero. Furthermore, many of Cheongdam’s luxury fashion brand streets are a place of exceptional architectural design. However, much of the recent construction in the area seems to be the product of capital desires and self-serving intentions which has led to a lack of harmony within the surrounding building context.

In response to this observation, it was of great importance for the Cheongdam project to be built in relation to its surroundings. The urban constraints of the site – 60m on the main street and a 7-floor limit in the residential area – placed a great deal of pressure on creating a tall singular building. However, instead of a monotonous individual volume, the Cheongdam project incorporates the small scale of the surroundings by gathering smaller volumes to create a stacked form. As a result, terraces are created for the residents which contribute to the establishment of a comfortable living environment in the centre of the city.

On the street level, the residence acts as a mediator between the main street of Dosan-daero and the back street through an arcading path which both links the two streets together and weaves the new construction into the context. Furthermore, the choice of a simple and subtle elevation emphasizes the buildings’ tectonic shape and structure that is derived from its surroundings. Prioritizing harmonization over ornamentation, the Cheongdam project promises to be a strong and integrated contribution to the urban life of Dosan-daero.

Project: LAYR / Cheongdam-dong Residential Complex

Size: 9,667spm

Location: Seoul, South Korea

Client: Suhyang ENCCollaborators: ATEC, Salladbowl

Type: Commission

Status: Ongoing, Completion 2025

Team: Heechan Park Henning Stuben Minjae Kwon Narcisa Ionita Borja Santurino Doohyeong Lee Gaspar Canepa Scott Grbavac

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