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  Thy is a region on the west coast of Jutland, Denmark that is famous for its scenic fjord landscape. It is also the home of Cold Hawaii, a branded concept for 31 different locations along the coastline which are ideal for surfing. Together with Møller Grønborg and SlotherMøller, URBAN AGENCY has been invited to design Cold Hawaii Inland, a complementary network of water sports facilities along the fjord. All 10 Cold Hawaii Inland locations act as hinges between water and land. They bind those elements together, with comfortable spaces for activity and leisure. Each of the new locations has a unique natural characteristics and a variety of programs, but the entire network also represents a common ideology, which should be reflected in the architecture and design. To achieve this goal, we established a design manual including all the necessary elements for surfing and water sports, from small scale furniture to large multipurpose buildings. In doing this, the Cold Hawaii Inland brand can establish itself throughout the Thy region. The design of all elements was driven by the need for creating a strong image combined with robust and flexible functionality. Simple, characteristic volumes were developed as modules that could be multiplied and adjusted to accommodate a variety of needs, and materials like charred wood and orange steel plates help provide a durable and recognizable appearance. At the South Harbor in the city of Thisted, we have proposed a series of buildings as a focal point for the whole network. This site will be the main arena for numerous surfing competitions, with larger spaces to accommodate crowds and participants, and through the buildings' form and materiality, the South Harbor site will reflect the cohesive design concept for the entire Cold Hawaii Inland development.

Program: Water Sports Facilities
Location: Thy, Denmark
Client: Thisted Kommune
Collaborators: Urban Agency, Møller & Grønborg, SlothMøller, Karen Skovgaard Vindum og Elias Werner
Type: Invited Competition
Status: SettledTeam: Henning Stüben, Heechan Park, Scott Grbavac, Borja Santurino, Jakub Śmiech, Jose Luis Villar Pastor

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