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How do you increase the number of workstations while improving on the work space and environment? How do you retrofit a 10 000 Sqft office without having to temporarily relocate the company or disturbing its day-to-day production? How do you design and deliver the project in three months to meet the annual budget deadline? These were some of the challenges we faced when invited to design the Dublin office for DemonWare, one of the leading tech companies in Ireland. The existing building was a monotonous cellular office typology with poor light quality and excessive noise. We interviewed all of the staff to determine their work habits and what they envisioned for the space and environment. Given the staff were all very close and sociable we were surprised to discover over 90% would actually prefer their own office because of the highly intensive concentration levels required for their line of work. However, they also expressed the need for areas to envisage their best work including room for collaboration. Taking all of the feedback into account we devised a dynamic layout that would facilitate the diverse way in which Demonware operate. To tackle the privacy and noise issues we created sit-in huddle spaces for each team, sectioned and protected from the surrounding office using curved plywood boundaries; cells where they can sit down and concentrate or stand up and see everything going on around the office. Circular and square glass pods act as meeting rooms with whiteboards for showcasing, collaboration or business calls whilst the smaller meeting pods accommodate those whose who simply want to grab a coffee and have a catch-up. The scattered layout meant that we could increase the seating from a once crowded 75 seats to a spacious 100 seats through tactful organisation. By listening to what the company needed out of the office we have been able to create a distinct personalized space with increased efficiency and happier users.

Size: 1.000 m²
Location: Dublin, Ireland
Budget: 781,000 Euro
Client: DemonWare
Type: Commission
Status: Completed

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