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  With the opening of the Harbour Bath, the inner-city waterfront of Faaborg has finally opened for bathing and recreation / public activity. This new public space on the water adds a new dimension of recreational activity to the beautiful South Funen Archipelago. The Harbour Bath is designed to tie a closer link between the city and the sea. Three thematic piers give room for everyone: Toddlers, children and young people can go wild while others enjoy the view of Faaborg Fjord. The “finger plan” with open basins between the three piers, offers multiple ways to approach the water. The wooden piers form ramps, stairs, sitting opportunities and small pools for children. The new development invites to take a bath, go on a kayak tour, go for a walk or just sit in the sun and simply enjoy an exciting and active public space. The project invites for swimming and on-water activity. It offers changing rooms and facilities for rowers, a diving platform, a water-playground and a sauna for the winter-bathers. The architects’ intention was not to over-programme the project in advance, but to create a frame for an unknown content, a place for public life to unfold, the unexpected to happen, in other words a place that people can adapt in their own ways. Faaborg Harbour Bath has given the town of Faaborg a new public water-space that facilitates activity and attracts locals as well as visitors to swim and enjoy water sports or just experience the fantastic waterfront. The project is collectively designed by URBAN AGENCY and JDS with the support of Sloth Møller Engineers and CREO for the municipality of Faaborg-Midtfyn with support from the Realdania Foundation and the Danish Foundation for Culture and Sports Facilities.

Project: Faaborg Harbour Bath

Size: 2,000 m² Location: Faaborg, Denmark

Budget: 13 mill DKK

Client: Faaborg-Midtfyn municipality

Collaborators: Urban Agency, JDS

Type: Open competition

Status: Completion 2014

Team: Henning Stüben, Heechan Park, Dorte Børresen

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