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The ten town villas are placed as a chain in the hilly landscape and relate both to the 5-6 storey houses of the new development and the small-scale houses of the village itself. The town villa typology has a small volume compared to the traditional social housing slab, combining the qualities of the one-family house with the density of the multi-storey housing typology. The access system and the common outside terrace area melt together as wide wooden bridges, including entrance zones for the units and terrace spaces. This creates housing with a strong community and a high level of safety. The buildings are planned according to the principles of the German DGNB certification system.

Project: Social housing
Size: 4,000 m²
Location: Lisbjerg, Aarhus
Budget: 84 mill DKK
Client: Lejerbo, Aarhus municipality
Team: Urban Agency
Type: Open competition
Status: Honourable mentioned

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