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Frederikssund is an old port town, that has been evolved from medieval town, to merchant city, to industrial port, and into it’s current state as a post industrial commuter town. It is the center of Frederikssund Kommune, but includes close connections to both Roskilde via the fjord, and Copenhagen, via the S-Train connection. While the site is in close proximity to schools, transport, shopping, and cultural institutions, the current buildings are not suitable for housing, and create a barrier between different parts of the city. Our proposal recycles the facades of the existing industrial buildings, and provides high density housing that enhances the connectivity of central Frederikssund. This proposal builds upon the historical urban typologies of Frederikssund’s urban neighborhoods, creating a seamless extension of the historic city center. The buildings are arranged to preserve an existing path through the site. The scale of porous courtard block is broken down by volumetric shifts in the elevation, and recycled bricks from the dilapidated buildings provide for a spectrum of colors that mirrors the variety of the existing context. The porosity of the traditional block structure maintains an important path through Frederikssund, and the courtyard is designated to remain publically accessibly. The project is broken down into two phases to ensure a seamless integration of the new buildings. In the second phase, parking is to be consolidated into a 3-story garage, which includes recreational areas on the roof.

Size: 5,500 sqm

Location: Frederikssund, Denmark

Client: Søndergaard - Viuff Holding

Type: Open Competition

Status: Settled

Team: Henning Stüben, Heechan Park, Morten Bang Jensen, Gaspar Canepa, Narcisa Ionita

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