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The Fringe Festival tent is a structure which is at the same time a spectacle. The brief is simple: A tent structure which can be erected in 24 hours, stand for one month for the duration of the festival and then be disassembled and stored until the following year. The project is five small domes all interconnected in a complex series of curves like the belly of a whale. A LED skin powered by embedded photovoltaic cells brings the pavilion alive during festival time. The containers that the pavilion is stored in become ticket booths, wardrobes, bars and VIP areas spread throughout the docks during the festival.

Project: New Tent Structure for Fringe Festival
Place: Dublin, Ireland
Status: On going
Team: Urban Agency, ARUP, Thaddeus Jessup, Nathalie Weadick IAF, Case3d
Type: Commission
Client: Fringe Festival, Roise Goan

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