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  This development proposal for Grand Xi Beach highlights the geographical value of Samick Beach, and the opportunity for views toward Busan, Gwangalli beach and Gwangan bridge. In order for Grand Xi Beach to become a landmark, complementing the profile of Gwangan Bridge, it was important to investigate different perspectives for urban skylines. This scheme includes two superimposed skylines which respond to different conditions in the unique urban landscape of Samick Beach. The upper skyline projects the strong local identity of this new development, with 11 towers of varying heights, while the lower skyline responds to the scale of life on the ground, a life rich in social interaction. The clean form of the upper skyline dissolves into more fragmented geometry at the base, which provides balconies and opportunities for improved social life between the buildings. The panoramic view towards Gwangan Bridge is the most precious asset of Grand Xi Beach. Previous proposals involved rotating buildings 45 degrees along the waterfront, but resulted in up to one third of all apartments lacking a direct view towards the sea. In order to provide a view towards the sea for all apartments, this scheme takes advantage of the peninsula’s 220 degree exposure to the ocean, by rotating each building parametically. The buildings’ individual rotation creates a more nuanced profile, and offers different views towards Gwangalli beach, Gwangan beach, and the open ocean. Besides optimization for apartment views, the Samick Beach site is to be reinforced for tsunami protection. The entire site is to be elevated 6.5 meters to become a unique, three-dimensional coastline. This intervention will provide new types of public space for Busan citizens with more active social environment and increased commercial development potential. The coastal reinforcement also provides both panoramic views and privacy for residents in the complex. A network of winding paths connects each of the 11 towers with a series of green spaces, gardens, play areas, and resting spaces that can be used by the residents. Community facilities for the residents are collected in two Sky clubs that bridge between the towers above the private beach. Each of the bridges have a panoramic views overlooking the Gwangan Bridge, and contain different programs within culture, sports and wellness.

Program: Residential
Size: 252,725 m²
Location: Namcheon District, Busan, Souh Korea
Client: GS E&C
Type: Invited Competition
Status: SettledTeam: Heechan Park, Henning Stüben, Minjae Kwon, Andrew Lo, Philipp Ohnesorge, Borja Santurino, Zoe Tzika

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