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The area around Dundrum has seen rapid change over the past two decades. The new buildings have brought a very different expression and scale to what was once a village on the outskirts of Dublin; sometimes bringing with it cautious scrutiny from pre-existing residents. The fact is that new apartment developments should have a solely positive impact on the local areas and provide long term gain to the surrounding residential amenity. The goal for 120 “build-to-rent” apartments at Greenacres is to provide a new residential development that will enhance the changing neighbourhood around Dundrum while also providing a scheme that is innovative, generous and of high quality that reflects the needs of contemporary life for all its prospective residents. Our proposal comprises of two blocks occupying the middle zone of the site, ranging in height from two to five storeys. The stepping profile corresponds to the surrounding pre-existing houses - decreasing as they get closer and reducing the overall scale of the development - providing a sympathetic approach to the existing communities in the area. Facilitating residents, both on site and in the vicinity, is solved in the project's zigzag design which on one hand stops overlooking inside the development while on the other ensures a favourable relationship between the apartments and the surrounding amenity areas. In turn both buildings become a series of large balcony terraces creating not only a strong and vibrant architectural expression but also allow a wide range of residents to take in the spectacular views of the Dublin Mountains. Equally, the Greenacres development will respond to residents on site. Generous passageways connect onto a variety of landscaped gardens and facilitate ease of movement throughout the overall site. Services and facilities are centrally positioned, maximising core efficiency as well as providing clear orientation for visitors and easy supervision of the common areas; assisting with security and providing a welcoming hub for the development. Communal spaces extend to penthouse level where residents can gather in a distinct and inviting environment. Moreover, the variety of unit types, ranging from one to three bedroom apartments, offers a wider choice contributing to a vibrant community life at Greenacres. Finishes have been chosen to provide a high quality and durable, low-maintenance regime, suitable for the long-term care and up-keep of the site. It is our belief that the Greenacres will provide a vibrant community for residents from all walks of live, as well as for the wider surrounding community. They are the apartments that keep on giving.

Size: 12.900 m² (120 units)
Location: Dundrum, Ireland
Client: New Generation Homes
Team: Urban Agency

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