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We recently won 2nd place with this competition entry for a new bakery within a small urban plan in Heide, Germany. Our proposal reinterprets the traditional gabled buildings of the city center as a long, malleable extrusion that bends to create a new public square. The shape of this new building translates the geometry of the historical bakery next door to the rhythm of the independent buildings lining the main street, and the new bakery is provided a perfect retail location between a soon to be active public space, and a more private garden in the back. Every competition comes with its own unique set of restrictions, parameters, and challenges. In this proposal, we were able to respond to all the different constraints with a single morphological gesture. By bending the extruded gable form, we were able to create urban space, accommodate the program area, address the human scale, create functional public and private space, and assimilate to existing context. An exciting part about working in old towns is finding ways to reinterpret and enhance the local context. Rather than trying to imitate the style and shape of existing buildings, we find ways to build upon the local traditions in contemporary sustainable ways. In this competition entry, we have proposed a robust mass timber construction, with hanging ceramic cladding that is sustainable, beautiful, and represents a step forward in building technology.

Size: 530 sqm

Location: Heide, Germany

Client: Mühlen Bäcker, Stadt Heide

Type: Competition Status: 2nd Prize

Team: Henning Stüben, Heechan Park, Scott Grbavac, Charlotte Klein, Gaspar Cánepa, Narcisa Ionita, Borja Santurino, Ben Stojanik

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