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  The new ‘Alpha-Beta-Gamma’ Campus located in Munich’s rapidly developing district, Werksviertel, is a prime example of an ambitious, future-thinking campus project. The open floor plan and bright atrium utilized throughout the buildings create a lively atmosphere that allows the highest degree of internal communication and accessibility. The spatial boundaries are dissolved and creates a working environment that stimulates productivity through cooperation with an informal, relaxed atmosphere. The facade of such a complex must simultaneously express those values and standards outwards to create a vivid relationship between the interior and the world beyond outside. The ‘saw-tooth’ structure helps produce a playfully impactful design. The result is an ever-changing and shifting facade, which is either more open or closed depending on the vantage point. The geometry of the building allows the majority of glass surfaces to be orientated north and south, optimizing the daylight distribution and summer heat protection. The facade has a balanced ratio of opaque and transparent surfaces that can be flexibly adapted to the requirements of the domestic engineering and energy specialists without compromising the design during the further course of the planning. Another positive feature of the ‘saw-tooth’ geometry is the directed prospects which reduce the direct overlook into opposite facades and opens up far-reaching views into the depths of the street areas. On the upper levels, loggias or terraces are cut into each floor, creating a small oasis close to the work spaces. The buildings thus have a connection to outdoor space on all floors and offer users the opportunity to have a break in the open air. Each level also has one bigger window opening to make room for small informal meeting areas, where people can have a direct connection with the city and greenery surrounding the campus. From the outside the openings are seen as striking, eye-catching facade elements that make the concept of the facade captivating for passers-by. The overall features of the facades playfully create a more dynamic image of the campus and bring individuality to each one of the buildings.

Size: 28,960 m²
Location: Munich, Germany
Client: Rohde & Schwarz
Collaborators: Urban Agency, PBI Entwicklung Innovativer Fassaden GmbH
Type: Invited Competition
Status: SettledTeam: Henning Stüben, Heechan Park, Rosa Fuentes Fernandez, Borja Santurino, Jakub Śmiech

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