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Kantplatz 8


The project in Kantplatz 8 in Neumünster, Germany, called for the renewal and restoration of a former church and church community house with a special focus on energy optimisation. The building is a defining part of the central square of the 1950s housing area. The project strikes a balance between building preservation, modernisation and energy optimisation: the facade towards the square had to be preserved, with the garden side opened up into a modern facade. Bay windows and balconies were established to create variety and the increase the potential for social engagement in the neighbourhood. The apartments were organised and scaled to accommodate the needs of groups of different ages. The interior and exterior common areas were given special attention to create a mixed-age community.

Project: Renewal housing
Size: 1,520 m²
Location: Neumünster, Germany
Budget: 10,8 mill DKK
Client: 8-Kant Gmbh
Team: Urban Agency Aps, Esplant Gmbh
Type: Commission
Status: Completion 2012

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