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Merronian Living draws together components of modern urban living and historical domestic architecture from the surrounding areas, rendering a new typology that merges past with present. Paying homage to the Georgian terraced housing of Dublin City and suburbs, the facade is expressed in brick vertical units and regular fenestration, helping to articulate the massing and elevation of the building. The dynamic trigonometric treatment of the roof echoes the skyline of seaside vernacular villages  and facilitates the structure's integration into its architectural environment. The design explores the spatial potential of the roof, carving out terraces to render open-air ‘rooms’ that are at once sheltered from the breeze and exposed to stunning seascape views. Similarly, the glass-fronted balconies below act as an extension of the window. Fusing the architectural structure with the site, buffer gardens border the ground floor apartments, offering privacy to residents and depth to the building elevation. As well as performing its role as functional independent living spaces, the design boasts a striking aesthetic, influenced by the colour and texture combinations seen in the Contemporary artwork of Sean Scully. The matte brick facades and the sleek anodised aluminium balconies and window frames are celebrations of the respective materials’ intrinsic properties. This, combined with the building’s nod to Georgian and Victorian architecture, demonstrates careful consideration of both new residents and locals alike.

Size: 6,180 sqm - 63 Homes

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Client: Lioncor Developments

Year: 2019-2022

Status: Tender Stage

Collaborators: Urban-Agency, Punch, McGill Planning, BDP, DFA Fire, MMD, DCon.

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