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This scheme is the second project in the sister development, Merronian Living: a new residential typology that draws on the iconic Dublin terrace and reimagines the spatial potential of the roofscape. Like the first scheme, Merronian 2 is premised on architectural integration, paying respect to its surrounding built heritage. The project is inspired by the historical prototype of the terrace and mews, defined by the combination of a street-facing building with an independent ‘outhouse’ behind. Bordering Merrion Road, building A of the pair is articulated as individual terraced houses, presenting the block on a human scale. Each subdivision is attentively expressed in the material idiom of eighteenth-century redbrick homes, using varying tones from the colour palette of the surrounding environment. The traditional brick is paired with powder-coated aluminium in a matching colour, lending a monolithic, sculptural quality to the building. This treatment achieves the vision of an original and striking façade that nevertheless melds with its urban setting. Likewise, the ‘mews’ block behind successfully integrates into the site, presenting an active façade that frames a communal garden. The large windows and inlets alleviate the block’s massing which strengthens the correlation of the building and courtyard. Forming a stepped progression, the ‘mews’ structure moves from one to four storeys as it recedes from neighbouring protected structures, in order to prevent overshadowing. Both buildings explore and embrace the formal potential of the roof. Block A carries the roof motif of the first Merronian Living scheme – a playful rendition of the Georgian parapet – which offers modern aesthetic value and an additional living space. The diagonal lines visually translate the concept of shifted perspective, which, in turn, references the rooftop’s role as a point of perspective in and of itself: the roof terraces capture views of Sandymount Beach, Howth and the Dublin Mountains. Similarly, the roof of Block B is treated as a dynamic entity of asymmetrical character. The ‘mews’ formal plasticity encapsulates a series of architectural relationships between volume and void, light and shadow, openness and privacy. The new ‘Merronian Houses’ comprise an architectural set piece that celebrates the historic charm and stunning views of its prime location. By recalibrating the basic principles of the terraced house and rooftop, the apartment block is transformed into an exciting and nuanced design.    

Project: Merrionian Living 2
Size: 43 homes/ 4,176m2
Location: Dublin, Ireland
Year: 2019-2022
Budget: Confidential
Team: Urban Agency, Punch, McGill Planning,  BDP, DFA Fire, MMD, DCon
Client: Lioncor Developments
Status: Ongoing

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