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  Urban Agency, together with TNT Arkitekter, has been invited to design a new housing area in Nærheden located only thirty minutes from Copenhagen’s city center. With a high-density type required, the challenge faced in this project was to create a cosy, diverse housing area without the feeling of being overcrowded and tightly packed. The final urban planning of the estate is shaped by natural factors, it reacts to sunlight conditions and opens towards the green surroundings. With parking spots placed on the edge of the site, the central areas are saved for green, public squares dedicated for group activities of the inhabitants. The quality of the public spaces is enriched by an open-water management system and lush vegetation matching the indigenous flora native to the area. There are four different typologies implemented on the site. With their playful roofscapes and loggias providing flats with big outdoor terraces bring a more interesting and diverse feeling to the development. Each raw house has also two gardens: the urban garden facing neighbours and the larger private garden where residents can rest at the back of the house. With natural materials used the project aims to be a calm housing estate designed according to holistic standards and Danish hygge ideology.

Size: 9.800 m²
Location: Nærheden, Denmark
Client: CG Jensen
Collaborators: Urban Agency, TNT Arkitekter
Type: Invited Competition
Status: IdeaTeam: Henning Stüben, Heechan Park, Philipp Ohnesorge, Borja Santurino, Jakub Śmiech

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