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The neighbourhood surrounding Newmarket in the Liberties holds a distinct heritage within Dublin city. From its origins as a medieval outpost to the flourish of textile production in the 18th and 19th centuries, it is important that the centre preserves its identity as a hub for the community. We propose, at Urban Agency, to do this to the site around Newmarket Square with the creation of a high-quality, versatile square. With the rejuvenation of Newmarket Square, the neighbourhood gains a space for new cultural and commercial developments to establish and thrive. Not only this but similar to other once-dormant sections around the city (Smithfield etc.) the Square has the potential to become a well known and visited area of the city. Urban Agency is aware that the key to such a transformation lies within the level of functionality that can be brought to our designs. It is fundamental that the square and its surrounding empty buildings fulfil the needs of its users; residents, vendors, and visitors. We are focused on designing a square with inventive and visionary solutions that will include shops, artisan workshops, bars, cafes, a micro-brewery as well as community arts and leisure facilities. To succeed we propose the creation of a pedestrianised square containing trees and landscaped areas, outdoor seating and other furniture including a raised platform area enabling large-scale events to take place. This must also be realised with the development of an adequate lighting system that can transition from its day to night functions as well as improved pedestrian and cyclist areas. By highlighting pedestrian access points and adapting the surrounding road layout to make more pedestrian and cyclist-priority areas in our plans we hope to established a calm and unified square at Newmarket. The choice of materials will be integral to the sensitive treatment around Newmarket Square. Adopting the well-known language of granite paving in both tile and cobble forms will emphasise the unification of the space rendering it inviting to its users. Equally a sparse palette will not deduct from the square's distinctive light industrial character. Overall, the designs we hope to propose will improve permeability and deliver a market square that will allow Newmarket to become the new urban destination within the greater Dublin area. More importantly, it will be the epicentre of the community which surrounds it; the new dynamic heart of the Liberities

Size: 11,700m2Location: the Liberties, Dublin 8Client: Dublin City CouncilTeam: Urban-Agency, Casey O'Rourke, Martin RogersType: CommissionStatus: Planning Permission granted

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