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Distributed over two buildings, Ørestad Assisted Housing Project comprises a total of 110 units for disabled people and psychiatric patients. As it was important that the development naturally integrated itself into the future urban fabric and the public space, all the common facilities on the ground floor, e.g. café and rehabilitation center, are gathered in order to achieve an open and inviting access with a close link to the public space. The facade of the building is designed in a modular system with a distinctive checkerboard layout. The shifting half-module size windows and the set-back balconies create a distinctive depth and a unique and lively character that puts the buildings in dialogue with the urban space. The building’s design invites socialising, but also allows the individual resident to withdraw from the larger community and just be themselves.

Project: 110 assisted housing units
Size: 8,500 m²
Location: Ørestad, Denmark
Budget: --
Client: KAB
Team: Virumgaard, TNT, Urban Agency
Type: Invited competition
Status: 3RD PRIZE

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