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Plastic House


A house is excavated and a space created. The insertion of a polycarbonate and steel cruciform object allows habitation, setting up a complex series of interconnected and overlapping spaces. The object, a piece of architectural furniture, spreads treelike from a concentrated base housing a kitchen, toilet, storage and stairwell. Above this is a platform for sleeping, dressing and study spaces. The four branches of the structure hold various functions – two spanning to the side walls act as wardrobes, while the branch to the front is a cantilevered reading desk for the teacher-client. The fourth branch extends through the rear wall and projects two metres beyond it housing a shower room. This room is glazed to the sky, reminiscent of the traditional “Georgian return typology”. The lightweight structure is also the primary source of light in the evening – inset fittings cause its translucent surfaces to illuminate the spaces.

Project: Commission
Size: 67 m²
Budget: Confidential
Place: East Wall, Dublin
Status: Completed 2010
Team: Architecture Republic, CORA
Type: Commission
Client: Patrick Davern

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