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Poolbeg Twins


The ESB’s recent controversial proposal to demolish the redundant but iconic Poolbeg Lighthouses provoked much opposition from Dublin citizens, including Dublin City Councillor and historian Dermot Lacey. URBAN AGENCY’s proposal aims to celebrate the unique identity and character of the Poolbeg Chimneys by giving them a new life and converting them into a new city destination: The Twin Observation Towers. The proposal includes glass bubble-like structures, one on 180-metre-high observation deck in one chimney and in the other, a 160-metre-high restaurant and venue for fundraising events, product launches, meetings, press conferences, receptions, and corporate parties. At the foot of the towers, a publicly accessible building comprising of an energy museum/education centre, a shop, a cafe and toilet facilities is proposed. We believe the towers would become a hugely important city attraction with potential annual visitors of 500,000 to 750,000 people, generating a potential annual turnover of €20 million – all this for an estimated construction cost of €5 to €7 million. See amazing drone video by Sky Pixels Ireland here and imagine the views!

Project: Proposal
Size: 1,250 m²
Budget: €7M
Place: Poolbeg, Dublin
Status: On going
Team: Urban Agency
Type: Proposal

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