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The main square in Værløse, town located 15km away from Copenhagen, is a well-functioning trading center that boasts a wide range of stores, restaurants and cultural institutions such as a cinema, library and local culture house known as “Galaksen”. While the spatial design of the square forms a coherent architectural expression in terms of shape and materials it currently lacks a strong identity and proper connection with the town’s second focal point; the train station. As both a combined junction and landmark, the Posthusgrunden will have two very important functions in the city structure. Located on an old post office site just between the main square and train station our project is set to be the missing link in the urban tissue and will act as an orientation point for many people travelling by train or bus to Copenhagen’s city center. The proposed building is situated on a peripheral settlement along the roads to give the urban space a clear spatial definition. The highest point is placed on the corner between the main square and Hareskovhvile Street, from there the roof descends according to the heights of the surrounding buildings, distances and road widths. The building’s sensitive and unique volume allows it to both fit naturally and receptively amongst the surrounding landscape, whilst becoming a new distinctive landmark that signifies Værløse. A series of setbacks on upper levels visually create a more friendly building scale. These shifts in the volume and facade also form large secluded terraces for the residents. In order to seamlessly merge the building into the urban space, the base is slightly rotated to create a multitude of spaces, niches and setbacks that form a more attractive streetscape. A small square on the corner facing towards the town center serves as a nice transition to the red square and invites guests to visit the commercial area. A slightly elevated courtyard works as an entrance area from where all the flats can be accessed. Apartments located on courtyard level enjoy small gardens with clear divides between their private areas and the public zones providing a common square and meeting place for residents with a cozy atmosphere. From the courtyard four staircases are accessible, each leading up to two or three apartments per floor. Two of the cores are located in the inner corners of the building and two on the north facade, this distribution allows for a good mix of homes of varying sizes and optimal sunlight conditions. The sculptural facade with shifting sloping walls provide loggias facing either south or east for all of the dwellings, while the declining profile of the building creates more roof surfaces that become generous terraces for the penthouses. Brick is cleverly implemented as the main material out of respect for the surrounding architecture and urban spaces.

Size: 5.170 m²
Location: Værløse, Denmark
Client: Hansen Thomsen, Høpfner Projects Aps
Type: Open Competition
Status: Competition 1st Prize, Completion 2020

Team: Henning Stüben, Heechan Park, Morten Bang Jensen, Cinzia Deviti, Jakub Śmiech
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