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Qianhai Exchange Plaza - More than trade!

Qianhai Exchange Plaza will be a place for economic exchange. But it has the potential for much more. It can become the place for exchange on many different levels – a place of a holistic identity of what exchange means in the 21st century. Social Exchange: Economic exchange is based on people interacting. This needs places where people can meet in a formal or informal way – places where social exchange in the context of business and outside it can take place. Cultural exchange: Qianhai and the exchange plaza are the heart of a new place that is supposed to foster exchange between Shenzhen and Hong Kong and between China and the world. Where people from everywhere meet it would be a missed opportunity not to use that place to enrich the cultural exchange. Exchange of goods: Attractive places attract people and people attract more people. This creates the perfect condition for retail therefore making exchange plaza a major retail hub. Transport exchange: The site is bordered by three metro stations and offers a bus terminal and ample parking space. Linking these facilities makes it a transport exchange. Spatial Exchange: The place is a contrast to the surrounding environment. Bordered by relatively low towers with a park in the middle it is a counterpoint to the landmark towers around it. This creates tension and leads to a natural relationship between the void and the building mass. Exchange on all levels will create what the place deserves. Like a galaxy dragging in programme and people and uniting it to a whole and beautiful overall image, the exchange plaza will be a place where social, economic, cultural and spatial encounters create an inspiring urban place – a real center of exchange! See more presentation of the project here.

Size: 680,000 m²
Location: Shenzhen, China
Client: Qianhai Area Development Bureau
Team: Urban Agency, MLA+, Arup, Basic City
Type: Invited competition
Status: Competition 2nd Prize
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