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  We are very proud to announce the completion of our 340m2 shoe shop in Neumünster, Germany! With our new building, this long-established shoe store in the city center of Neumünster gets a contemporary extension. Towards the adjacent square, the building presents its striking profile that is designed as a full-height shelf which both outward and inward functions acts as a large display. The facade combines functionality and design while creating a remarkable completion of the urban fabric visible all the way to the nearby Textile Museum. Towards the street the new building rises up two stories with minimalist design putting the existing building in the foreground. The new building is constructed as an in-site concrete structure with exposed concrete. The continuous interior space extends through changing ceiling heights and offers a versatile spatial experience whilst maintaining a close link its urban environment.

Project: New Shoe Shop
Budget: 450,000 Euro
Size: 340 m²
Location: Neumünster, Germany
Client: Fuss & Schuh Orthopädie GmbH
Collaborators: Urban Agency, Esplant GmbH
Type: Commission
Status: Completed
Team: Henning Stüben, Heechan Park, Dorte Børresen, Borja Santurino

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