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The love for the suburban house in Ireland is well known. However, it is an unsustainable model for the future of a city like Dublin which should encourage a more pedestrian and cycling mobility rather than car commuting culture. The design concept wants to bring into the project the qualities one finds in the typical Irish “terraced houses” such as the two storey spatial qualities, the greenery environment, and the outdoor space, as well as sense of community. We propose a series of vertically stacked terraced houses with generous, lush outdoor spaces, communal facilities, concierge services, café, gym, etc.; a real vertical village. The project, commissioned by the US developer Hines for 165 apartments scheme on Spencer Dock, is an exemplary “build to rent” development and a first of its kind in Ireland. Aimed to entice families into the city centre with the apartments/duplexes, containing all of the attributes people love about houses such as ample front and back gardens, multiple floors and dual aspect. Residents will enjoy access to all the luxuries you’d expect from a hotel for instance a concierge, gym facilities, laundry service, bicycle repair shop, cafes and shared public meeting areas. The project was described by the Irish Times Weekend Edition Journalist, Frank McDonald as “one of the most innovative housing schemes yet planned for Dublin.”

Size: 19,500 m², 165units
Location: Dublin, Ireland
Client: Hines Europe
Team: Urban Agency, Virtus, JSA Planning, OCSC, Cameo, MMP
Type: Commission
Status: Planning Granted

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