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The Copenhagen Marriott Hotel is located adjacent to Copenhagen’s harbour, however it lacked the ability to engage with the lively public realm that characterizes the area today. When the Copenhagen Marriott Hotel was built in 2001, Copenhagen’s harbour lacked the vibrant atmosphere it enjoys today. Accordingly, there was a need to rethink the terrace in order to create a more inviting and accessible space where hotel guests and pedestrians can mingle, socialize, and relax.

The new terrace design has been focused on porosity, with the goal of serving as both a meeting and transitional space between the Copenhagen Marriott Hotel and the harbour. The predominant hedge barrier has been removed and replaced with stepping wooden decks that mitigate the height difference between the waterfront promenade and the hotel’s ground floor. The highest level of the terrace is on grade with entrances to the restaurant, lobby and bar of the Copenhagen Marriott Hotel, thus providing the opportunity for people and programming to easily move between indoor and outdoor locations. The wooden decks are arranged in incremental levels of 0.5 meters, eliminating the need for railings and ensuring unobstructed access across the majority of the terrace. These stepped platforms serve dual purposes: not only do they provide easy access to different platform levels, but they function as informal benches, encouraging social gatherings and enjoyment of the waterfront scenery. In addition to the bench-like steps, there are regular stairs for convenience. Furthermore, a ramp along the north facade ensures that the terrace is fully accessible to all visitors.

The terrace predominantly features oak deck boards, lending a warm and inviting feel to its design. Corten steel is employed to clad the wooden deck and serves as the primary material for outdoor lighting fixtures. These materials have been thoughtfully chosen to harmonize with Copenhagen’s waterfront environment, striking a delicate balance between comfort and craftsmanship throughout the project.

A variety of tall grasses have been integrated along the terrace’s edges which are remain inaccessible. In these areas, a clear glass railing with a thin aluminum handrail is used on the terrace for safety purposes. Trees from the previous patio have been retained and reintegrated into the new design, providing shaded areas on warm summer days. Both integrated and movable furniture is distributed across the terrace, offering a space for hotel breakfasts, an evening drink, and everything in between.

Overall the new terrace design brings new opportunities to interact with Copenhagen’s Marriott Hotel while seamlessly integrating it into the dynamic waterfront environment.

Program: Outdoor terrace

Size: 560 sqm

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Client: Marriott Hotel

Collaborators: Malmos

Type: Commission

Status: In progress, completion expected 04.2024

Team: Heechan Park, Henning Stüben, Thomas Walcher, Richard Teeling, Gaspar Cánepa, Ditte Bjerregaard, Kristen Van Haeren

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