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As part of a larger strategy of extending and revitalizing the existing Marina, the Municipality of Vallensbæk made a competition bid in search of a robust, aesthetic and functional solution for a new promenade and Bathhouse for the citizens.

The proposal made by Urban Agency was selected due to its ability to bind together the marina and beach with a simple design that establishes easy and direct access to a new harbour bath. The bath is placed at the outer edge of the harbour and is nestled against a protective stone jetty which ensures calm water for the bathing. The entire wood structure floats on pontoons, and is anchored in place by vertical columns. A wooden walkway runs along the jetty, and forms a knot where it intersects with the harbour bath, connecting the new construction to the existing beach and landscape.

The harbour bath is open all year round, bringing citizens to the beautiful waterfront between the Marina of Vallensbæk and the beaches of Køge’s Strandpark. Whether it is to enjoy a warm sauna in the Danish winter, or a refreshing harbour dive in the summer, the new bathhouse in Vallensbæk offers the citizens a new local connection to the waterfront environment.

Program: Bath House
Size: 1.020 m²
Location: Vallensbæk, Denmark
Budget: 11 mill DKK
Client: Vallensbæk Municipality
Status: Completed in 2021
Team: Urban Agency: Henning Stuben, Ditte Bjerregaard, and Gaspar Kanepa. SquareOne: Kostas Poulopoulos, Phivos Sigalas

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