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The design for the Yuseong youth centre envisaged the building not just as an entity but as a composition of different identities. This vision involved devising seven programmatic volumes and lending them all a different architectural language to distinguish and characterise each function. We carefully recomposed the volumes to enhance their spatial and visual inter-relationships. We believe this process creates not only the appropriate context for youth to develop their individual interests but also to allow them communicate among different groups. The site is complex, having a green field and lake on the south-east side and a 50m road on north-west side. We started with an L-shaped layout to create a cozy and active urban backyard embraced both by our building and by nature and blocking off the busy road. The backyard consists of the lake, a variety of natural features, terraces, an amphitheatre and an open-air café. The centre is capable of hosting a range of activities, including dance, basketball, rock climbing and concerts.

Project: Youth Center

Size: 5,000 sqm

Location: Daejeon, South Korea

Budget: 8,000,000 Euro

Client: Yuseong Municipality

Collaborators: Dowon Engineering

Team: Urban Agency, Dowon Eng.

Type: Open Competition

Status: 2nd Prize

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